Our primary objective is always to surprise, delight and go way beyond our clients’ expectations. We start with an in depth and creative PR Strategy that is developed with you  your business and your product or service.

The strategies are individually designed to ensure you stand out, whether from the competition or just to let the world know you are the best at what you do. We work closely with CEOs, senior management and your employees because we act as your Head of Comms, effectively getting under the skin of your business and becoming an integral part of the team.

There are so many ways to implement successful PR and every business or CEO is different. Often it’s through the media, from local papers, trade publications to national newspapers, magazines, radio and television. We research, source and secure opportunities that will highlight your business and enhance its reputation.. 
Sometimes we need to do the opposite and ensure that a client is not in the media. Crisis Management is one of our core skills, we’ve kept stories out of the national and local media and effectively managed serious situations that could have had disastrous consequences.

Raising the profile of a CEO can take many turns. We set up speaking opportunities, design the presentations and train the client in public speaking. As journalists we regularly ghost columns and features that are published and ‘authored’ by our clients. 
Attention to detail is essential in everything we do. We set up and manage events, from product launches and seminars to charity events and parties. We then promote these events through all channels, especially social media platforms.

We are always looking for new opportunities to promote our clients and nominating them for awards is ideal. We have a superb track record of ‘winning’ awards, whether regional or national and at the very least get our nominees to the finals.
We love doing what we do for our clients and happily they seem to love what we do too. 
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