I’m Laura Lewis + I’m Chief Chameleon(!) at People and Culture Consultancy, Culture Chameleon.  We work with our clients to transform business performance through culture alignment, culture change + creating a stand-out employee experience.
Workplace Culture
Culture is the character and personality of a business.   An organisation’s culture combines company values, beliefs, expectations, work atmosphere and environment, as well as the way employees think, interact + behave.  Culture impacts on employees, clients and suppliers; + the best thing about it is that it’s completely within the control of each organisation.  When a company’s culture + business strategy are aligned, success follows. Equally, when employees feel a personal connection to the culture of the company they work for, they will be happier, healthier, more engaged and more productive.

At Culture Chameleon, we work with our clients to achieve this winning combination.

Culture and the COVID-19 Crisis
A strong culture alone can’t help you weather this – or any other – storm. But it certainly plays a part.  More than ever, as an employer, your response to this situation needs to play out as your employees would expect it to.  However the world looks for you once this period is a distant memory, now is the time to make sure that you don’t throw your culture to the wind, but dig even deeper down into it; for the sake of your business, employees, suppliers, customers + clients. Small things will make a huge difference over the next few weeks, + if ever there was a time when you should be acting in a way which chimes with your company values + leaves you with happy, loyal employees, this is it.
Check out my recent blog “How to manage your people in the right way in the face of adversity”.   for ideas around how to come through this challenging time with a stronger team + business.


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