David is a database specialist with a background in operations.  Prior to starting his own business in 2008, David spent more than a decade looking after the operations and technology for a major greeting card and stationery publisher, so he is well versed in production, warehousing, the retail supply chain, e-commerce, and associated activities.
Today, David works extensively on Microsoft Office solutions for clients, typically Excel or Access-based.  At a time when the ability to share data from remote locations is more important than ever, there will be many businesses suffering from "spreadsheet saturation", spending time copying and pasting data and assembling reports.
Much of this work can be automated, and storing your critical business data in a structured database format instead of in disparate files on your network is safer and more effective.  It reduces errors, saves time, and increases visibility about what is happening in your business.
It doesn't matter what area your business operates in - many of the challenges are common to all business types, so if you have any sort of problem or frustration (especially when it comes to assembling reports) then David can help you.

Contact David
T: 01438 832724 | M: 07722 605545 | E: david@hardstaff.biz | W: www.crystalclear.systems

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