You run a business. You are a brand.
Your brand is your business.
“How you do anything is how you do everything” 
Up until now, have you been taking a bit of a scatter gun approach when it comes to marketing and growing your business?
Do you struggle with putting yourself and content out on social media?
Not quite sure how to position and differentiate yourself in a noisy market?
With Covid 19 happening, this is the time to:
• Really look inwardly in your brand and business and know what it is you stand for from here on, and what you want to be known for. What’s your ‘WHY’
• Consider how you are going to serve the people and businesses who really need your expertise, knowledge, services and products
• How you are going to show up for them
• How you are going to emotionally connect with them
• Build your personal brand
The brands I have observed pivoting their business are the purpose-led brands. The ones that are in business to make a change, impact, transformation, a shift! I believe we will come out of this in time, and you have to get ready to be ready in the meantime. Do you know your brand purpose?
I’m Aarti Parmar, and I help and support businesses in building authentic, strong, memorable brands that help them achieve their goals through an empowering and collaborative journey of brand strategy, coaching and brand design. I believe If it’s not clear on the inside it will never be clear on the outside.
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